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Updating anti virus software

But security software is nothing to leave to chance.

They can slow your PC down, they need an internet connection, and in the worst cases, they demand you restart your system.Many programs can retrieve updates over the Internet and seamlessly incorporate the new technology into the original software. If we're talking video games or word processing software, there's nothing critical about updating your program between versions.However, if we're talking security software, ignoring updates can have serious consequences.Today’s threats spread further and faster than ever before.In the good old days, viruses could only travel as fast or as far as a users’ activity allowed them to.Boot sector viruses relied on the exchange of floppy disks in order to spread.

Things changed significantly when macro viruses appeared in 1995, since they were able to piggyback all emails sent by the infected user.

Not only is there a never-ending stream of cybercriminals who are looking to cause damage, steal identities or commit other cyber crimes, but also with most computers attached to the Internet 24-7 via broadband connections, the ease in which cybercriminals can perpetrate their crimes has gotten easier.

However, there are two proactive steps that computer users can do that can help make sure they prevent the latest attacks that these cybercriminals can dream of.

Just follow the following very few steps and you're done.

Perhaps it's become a cliché, all this talk about the pace of technology, and change as a constant, and the need to stay ahead of the curve.

Updating your antivirus software doesn’t mean shelling out for a whole new software package.