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Updating blackberry weather app

It features access to the most accurate and current weather information available in the web.Accu Weather is well-known for its accurate weather forecast service across mobile devices.

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In general, Accu Weather is pretty easy to use icons and large and touch-friendly, and the attractive background image changes depending on the current weather."It is very exciting to be a part of Black Berry 10 from the beginning," said Pascal Racheneur, Vice President of Interactive Media for Accu Weather."The initial reception of the platform and our app has been great.- The 15-day forecasts also include forecasted precipitation and amounts, wind speed gusts and direction, times for sunrise and sunset, UV index, and Real Feel®.- Radar for all of North America, Europe, and worldwide satellite overlaying interactive Google Maps™.The app displays the temperature (including the 'Real Feel', sunrise and sunset times, plus the wind speed and direction.

You can view hourly forecasts too, so you can see how the weather will change throughout the day.

It’s the second item I check in the morning and one of the last things I view at the end of the day; it’s the weather.

I have to make sure that I dress not only for success but for the temperature and precipitation.

STATE COLLEGE, PA - March 25, 2013 - Accu Weather's reliable and local forecasts for 2.7 million locations worldwide are available to Black Berry® 10 customers.

The Accu Weather app for Black Berry 10 was featured on the new Black Berry® Z10 and Black Berry® Q10 smartphones at Black Berry Jam Europe in February.

Black Berry Weather is a stylish looking application. I love the way the background color changes subtly depending on what the weather will do, much like the Solar weather app for i OS does. It incorporates a neat hour weather chart, which you can slide you finger across and watch the information change as you do so.