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Updating eris to android 2

updating eris to android 2-9

We shall be adding more devices here as they get released and their rooting methods become available.Disclaimer: Rooting your device will void its warranty.

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Google’s latest Android platform distribution numbers are in, and they’re just about what you’d expect.The phone is demanding the Google account details that you synced the phone with when you very first turned it on.Maybe you have now forgotten those login details too or the phone is simply refusing to accept the correct login details.We have been covering rooting procedures for several Android devices in the past and in this post, we aim to bring them all together.In the beginning, you might see just a few devices listed here but over time, we will be updating this guide with rooting procedures for all the devices we have already covered as well as those we will be covering in the future.The procedure for rooting an Android phone or tablet varies from device to device, based on its version of Android as well as any manufacturer or carrier-specific restrictions placed in its firmware.

Fortunately, we have already covered several universal rooting methods that should work on many Android phones and tablets.

For a lot of us, the fact that we can plug our Android phone or tablet into our computer and interact with it is a big plus.

Besides the times when we've broken something and need to fix it, there are plenty of reasons why an advanced Android user would want to talk to his or her device.

Enterprises and jobs are changing fast as more tasks are automated with increasing levels of machine intelligence.

Automation displaced manufacturing jobs, but it also enabled the creation of new businesses and career opportunities.

Will knowledge workers and their employers adapt fast enough?