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Updating firmware on a bdp s301 with 3 30 version

updating firmware on a bdp s301 with 3 30 version-11

NOTE: If you are programming AMS in Simpl Windows, the AMS modules in this database are not the final versions. Audio Zone Exceptions: C2N-DBN12 CNX-BN12 QM-FTCC-TPS4 QM-FTSC (keypad) Independent browsing of supported sources (CEN-IDOC, ATC-AMFMXM, AAS-1/2/4) is not available from keypads or one-way touchpanels.This is the complete archive of Tech since JErm started this blog in 2006.

updating firmware on a bdp s301 with 3 30 version-59updating firmware on a bdp s301 with 3 30 version-5

I updated the firmware over the internet connection and rebooted the player and it STILL would hang at TOP MENU. You can't even watch your Blu-ray disc without being spewed at with advertizements.The unit is small and lightweight and I’m happy with it overall, but there are a few tweaks I’d like to see done to it.The Panasonic DMP-BD655 is a refurbished product so it comes in a plain brown box but it’s packaged well.It seems Sony has once again made a special model of their Blu-ray player just for Costco and Sam’s Club (to prevent price matching w/ BB, CC, ect.) Last time it was the BDP-S301 vs.BDP-S300, now it seems Sony is really trying to throw off J6P.The power button is on the left side which is also where the DVD tray is which is hidden to blend in.

The BD movie Adjustment Bureau, doesn't play on the Oppo BDP83, not even with the latest firmware.

It will keep you busy for a while, and we hope you enjoy our gadgets.

SONY BDP-S301 Firmware 5.30 Win98SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista translates between specific devices and a general operating system, such as Windows Operating System, Mac OSX, Android system, Linux, and many more.

Inside you’ll find a bag with cables, remote, and user manuals inside.

Composite and HDMI cables are what’s included, no component cables included.

The data consists of module files, mdb control files, and other necessary files needed in support of these applications.