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Updating flash text with xml

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I'm new in caspar CG and in AS3, so it's a bit hard for me. There will be 20 participants and i should print info about all of them (20 X 4 = 80 instances). ion-Helper AS3 Scroller: Java Server Connector: Qo PHP Server Connector: VYes, i did exactly the same... That would work but I'd probably do it with a bit more actionscript to create the rows dynamically. it's names of participants that on 1st place 2nd in this moment of race and so on.. With your help i start understand caspar CG and AS3 more and more :)AS3 Animation Helper: ...

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be passed directly into the Set Data function in the document class for your flash template. You can override the Set Data function in you document class like so: AS3 Animation Helper: ... If it is going to constantly update from a file then I probably wouldn't use the Caspar update command at all.SWFObject 2.0 has been released and is now hosted on github: consider the information found here obsolete.Nothing short of renaming and moving the files/folders will get browser to display the new content.This simple flash page is ment to be a landing page at a kiosk. Tween; import fl.transitions.easing.*; import fl.transitions. Tween Event; var my_speed: Number; var my_total: Number; var my_images: XMLList; var my_loaders_array: Array = []; var my_success_counter: Number = 0; var my_playback_counter: Number = 0; var my_slideshow: Sprite = new Sprite(); var my_image_slides: Sprite = new Sprite(); var my_timer: Timer; var my_prev_tween: Tween; var my_xml_loader: URLLoader = new URLLoader(); my_xml_loader.load(new URLRequest("content.xml")); my_xml_Event Listener(Event.Like its holding on to the file and content in is where I'm at on this issue.

To test I downloaded the example from the link you posted about how to refresh your images.

It is required to post its payments to doctors on its website.

Cephalon's report is not downloadable and the site disables the mouse’s right-click function, which typically brings up a pop-up menu with the option to save the webpage or inspect its source code.

I have deleted my history, told adobe flash to not permit any flash to be stored on my computer, closed and reloaded the pages but to no avail.

The only way I can get the content to be refreshed is to rename the file, save in new folder and rename the xml page it draws from. id=#randrange(10000,99999)# string at the end to see if it makes the browser think its a new file.

The report is inside a Flash application and disables copying text with Ctrl-C. Company spokeswoman Sheryl Williams wrote in an e-mail: "We can appreciate the lack of ease in aggregating data or searching based on other parameters, but this posting was not required to do these things.