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Updating group policy immediately

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The reason why I still normally recommend that people using WSUS over SCCM is that the product overall is much easier to use and its just human nature for people to want to do the easier tool where possible…However there are a couple of reason why I think SCCM should still be used over WSUS and they are: Below are a collecting of configuration recommendations and tips that help you get the most our of your WSUS infrastructure in your environment.

Doing this eliminates the need for users to know which printers are usable.For example, logon scripts can easily map the H: drive to a user's home folder, ensuring consistent access to data no matter where said user might log in.A second reason to use logon scripts is to set user environment variables and registry keys.IT shops everywhere have at some point used a logon script along with the REG command or VBScript to customize application settings or environment variables in HKEY_CURRENT_USER.Additionally, creating printer connections is a fairly obvious use for Windows logon scripts.These are in no particular order of importance and you might chose to implement only some of these setting depending on your environment.

After you make changes to group policies, you may want the changes to be applied immediately, without waiting for the default update interval (90 minutes on domain members and 5 minutes on domain controllers) or without restarting the computer.

If the policy still will not apply, consider clearing out all cached and local policies and following the above steps again.

WSUS) is Microsoft free tool they provide for deploying patches and updates.

Normally, User Group Policy is refreshed at logon and Computer Group Policy is refreshed at machine reboot.

This tutorial will show you how to use the gpupdate command to force an update and refresh of either or both the Computer or User Group Policy settings to be applied instantly in XP, Vista, and Windows 7, and Windows 8.

Solution: Although the ultimate solution to this problem would be to cure the root cause of the group policies not being applied, my reason for writing this was to get the policies to apply immediately so that I could fix the root cause later.