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Updating ie certificates

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SSL certificate through the Internet Explorer 7.0 or later, browser.The end result is that the certificate file is imported into a Trusted Root Authority store location where user's computers can access Active Directory.

In Internet Options, add the URL to your Trusted sites and exit.To renew your personal certificate in Internet Explorer, perform the following actions: Click on the link Cert and sign in on it using the personal certificate that you are going to renew.Or log in to your WM Keeper Web Pro (Light) and go to the "Purses" tab.The Sensor Net CA certificate should have been imported automatically when you obtained your Sensor Net Certificate.If you want to access Do D websites from your Windows computer, you need these certificates on your computer.Before you renew a certificate, you need to know: Windows provides an expiration notification to let you know that specific user or computer certificates have expired or are about to expire.

In most cases, autoenrollment will automatically renew these certificates the next time you are connected to the network and log on to the computer.

At times, while browsing with your Internet Explorer web browser on a Windows computer, you may not be able to open a web page.

IE may instead display a message There is a problem with this website’s security certificate and suggest possible actions for you to take.

Finally, click Install certificate and place it in your trusted certificates authority.

KB931125 contains a download link to a list of the third-party certification authorities (CAs) that are trusted by Microsoft.

If you fail to renew your personal certificate before the current certificate expires, then you can obtain it on your own following these instructions: Obtaining the client certificate in WM Keeper Web Pro.