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Updating osha standards

It also sets requirements for fall protection in specific situations, such as hoist areas, runways, areas above dangerous equipment, wall openings, repair pits, stairways, and scaffolds.

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The OSHA update removes references to the 1986 edition of the ANSI standard, which is now considered outdated.The updated OSHA regulations will affect workers in general industry, shipyard, long shoring, marine terminals and construction.The new regulations will go into effect April 25, 2016, which gives employers 30 days to adjust.The new rule includes requirements to protect workers from falling off fixed and portable ladders as well as mobile ladder stands and platforms.Ladders must be capable of supporting their maximum intended load, while mobile ladder stands and platforms must be capable of supporting four times their maximum intended load.Michaels said OSHA also has moved away from the phrase “management system” with these guidelines because many small employers assume they lack the means to have one.

“We know the large employers get this and they know how to do this and there are many other resources they have, but the small employers don’t,” he added.

However, references to 20 versions of the ANSI standard will be kept in the finalized OSHA rule.

The OSHA standard has also been changed to bring any other provisions of the eye and face protection standard into alignment with OSHA's general industry and maritime standards.

to its Eye and Face Protection Standards that updates personal protective equipment requirements in the agency’s general industry, shipyard employment, longshoring, marine terminals, and construction standards.

The proposed revisions will reflect current national consensus standards and ensure that employers use up-to-date eye and face protection during hazardous workplace operations.

As Occupational Health & Safety magazine reported, OSHA issued a notice of its intention to update the standard March 13, 2015.