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Updating report model

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You can also follow these steps to create models using your own data.

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Something which I have been waiting for a long time has finally been released!In my tests, just applying SQL 2012 SP1 installation did NOT upgrade the runtime to 11.0.3000. However, applying the above updated runtime MSI will upgrade the runtime to 11.0.3010. Creating Report Model using BIDS (Business Intelligence Development Studio)In Part 1 of this series, Working With Report Model in SSRS – Overview - Part 1, we discussed the Report Model, the items in Report Model and its uses.However, support for BI Development Studio is available for x64-based computers.If the SQL Server sample databases have been deployed on an Itanium-based computer, use BI Development Studio on either an x86-based or x64-based computer to modify and run the samples.The Report Viewer 2012 redistributable RTM package is available for download now!

FYI, Report Viewer is used by Management Studio (SSMS), other utilities and also by any custom application which uses this to render local RDLC reports, or within a web application to view remotely rendered reports.

Create a Data Source named “Adventure works DW 2008” pointing to Adventure Works DW2008 database.

It can be downloaded from following link Releases.aspx? Create a Data Source View (DSV) with following tables namely “Adventure Works DW2008”4.

Before creating model let us do the following changes to DSV.

Change the friendly names of the tables so that they look as follows: 5.

Let us now see how a Report Model can be created with the Report Model Designer.