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Updating select box using ajax

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The j Query AJAX shorthand methods are featured in this chapter.j Query also provides a robust feature set, including callbacks, for developers who want to customize their AJAX calls to provide richer interactive experiences.

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AJAX, one of the hottest technology combinations to enter the Web development landscape in years, has fueled a surge in interactive Web design with its ability to load new content into an existing DOM structure.It’s unclear if “select_tag” does this but the normal select method also generates a hidden variable if the “multiple” option is set, see View/Helpers/Form Options Helper/select Sometimes you need to use select_tag instead of select (because you’re after more control or need to use optgroups, for example), but still want the id/name conventions that select would give.In this case, all you need to do is set the first parameter to whatever would be produced by select, and it’ll take care of the id and name attribute automatically, and thus ensure the form data is parsed correctly after submission.We have received many tutorial requests for making the dynamic dependent select box with PHP.Based on that request, we are going to explain the dynamic dependent multiple select boxes using j Query, Ajax, PHP and My SQL.This technique relies on Java Script support in the user agent. When an item is selected in the first select, the choices in the other select are updated appropriately.

The first select element contains a list of continents.

j Query simplifies using AJAX with several shorthand methods for the basic AJAX methods.

For most developers and designers, these shorthand methods will be all that they ever need to use.

It is important to note that the select item which is modified is after the trigger select element in the reading order of the Web page.

This ensures that assistive technologies will pick up the change and users will encounter the new data when the modified element receives focus.

I've been fighting this issue for weeks and every bit of discussion I could find on this had me trying to use something along the lines of $('element').select2('data'); My issue was similar to yours, except I'm working with an ajax tagged multiple select which may or may not contain contain initial values.