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Updating sharepoint lists from ssis

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The Share Point List Source and Destination Sample provides a Source adapter to extract data from a Share Point list and a Destination adapter to update data in a Share Point list.In this tip we will walk through installing the Code Plex sample and creating an SSIS package to extract data from a Share Point list using SSIS 2005.

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To view the source code, click the Source Code tab above.While SOAP web services are supported in Office 365, the adapters don’t support the Office 365 authentication mechanism, which effectively renders them useless.The OData services require the same authentication, but the the new OData Source supports it.Until now it was necessary to code OData connections using the script object.This matters to those of us in the Share Point world because any Share Point list data can be expressed as OData.It’s also an official Microsoft product, and is fully supported. Once you install the OData Source, you open up SQL Server Data Tools, open an SSIS project, and add or edit a data flow task.

I have a requirement to extract data from a Share Point list.

We have used them for years, and they work very well, however, they are a Code Plex project, and therefore not fully supported.

These Code Plex adapters have more recently been bumping into another limitation.

Isn't there a built-in component that we could use to do this?

There is a component available on the Code Plex site which should meet your requirements.

Project Description Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) makes it possible to build high performance data integration solutions, including the extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) of data for data warehousing and as well as Data Transformation Services (DTS) backward compatible support.