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Updating signature files

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Updating the virus signature files automatically To update the virus signature automatically, you may use the F-PROT Scheduler to create a scheduled task to run updates at your convenient time.

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If you want to save the changes, you can update the signature. Juniper Networks regularly updates the predefined attack database and makes it available as a security package on the Juniper Networks website.This database includes attack object and attack object groups that you can use in IDP policies to match traffic against known attacks.Forefront Security for Exchange Server enables you to choose virus scanning engines from multiple vendors.The standard Forefront Security for Exchange Server license includes all currently integrated antivirus engines.You can modify the four additional engine selections through the Forefront Server Security Administrator.

After Forefront Security for Exchange Server is installed, engine updates automatically begin.

To verify or change this information, double-click the time indicator on the taskbar.

To add a scheduled task in the F-PROT Scheduler: For further information, please see the helpfile.

This allows the scanner to detect a brand new virus it has never even seen before.

This ability is commonly referred to as either heuristics or generic detection.

The scanner update settings are, by default, set to begin updating your engines five minutes after the FSCController is started. For more information about configuring scanning options, see Transport Scan Job, Realtime Scan Job, and Manual Scan Job.