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Updating tables in access

When you are in the datasheet view, you just need to go to the end of the table and click in any of the fields to begin the record.Top of the Page There will be times that you need to find records based on specific values in a field.

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Well, since this appears to have evolved into an old guys thread, I'll chime in (not sure who is older, but I've been around this forum for well over a decade).The first one is NEVER use a combination of linked tables with local tables in your queries.Instead download the server side tables as temp tables in your app or upsize your local tables to SQL Server and do the processing on the server in it’s entirety.I would like to enter a date into the Excel Date Completed field in the Excel linked tbl and have it update the Access Date completed field.Is the problem I have related to the fact the Excel file is a "Template"......which is after completion saved under a different name ?To achieve this, use the After Update event of the controls on your form to automatically calculate the fee: Now whenever the Quantity or Unit Price changes, Access automatically calculates the new fee, but the user can override the calculation and enter a different fee when necessary.

If you are concerned about how a user could enter the calculated total with this arrangement, see Enter text in calculated controls.

Make sure that your cursor is in the field that you want to search on and then click the Find button.

The Find and Replace dialog box will appear as shown in Figure 3-07 in your book and you will be able to type in the value that you want to locate.

To open the table, select the table name in the Database Window and then right-click on it to display the shortcut menu.

From the shortcut menu, click on the Open option as shown in Figure 3-03 in your book. In this view, you can add a new record by clicking on the New Record button as shown in Figure 3-04 in your book.

I'm using Access 2003 This is a general outline of what needs to be done. Update: Ok I've tested, using Excel 2007 but will be basically the same for all versions, and added graphics to show the entire process. I have an Access (2010) tbl Bookings with a Date Completed field.