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Updating the ipod touch

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There was a three-year gap between the fifth and sixth i Pod touch models, which would suggest that we'll have to wait until 2018 - by which time the i Pod touch may seem even more antiquated than it does now.Read next: i Pod touch review | Buy i Pod touch Of all the i Pods, the touch probably has the best chance of surviving.

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And you're probably wondering when Apple is going to get around to launching some new i Pods. That's why we've put together this article bringing together all the information and UK release date rumours related to Apple's i Pod plans, looking at past release dates and public statements, as well as rumours and speculation from industry analysts and supply-chain leakers, to provide some insight into whether Apple is likely to update its i Pod touch, i Pod nano, i Pod shuffle and i Pod classic (and when it's likely to do so), or if it's more likely to quietly kill them off.Devices compatible with i OS 7 include: i Pad 2, i Pad mini, i Pad 3, i Pad 4, i Pod touch 5th gen, i Phone 4, i Phone 4S, i Phone 5, i Phone 5S, and i Phone 5C.Despite the official supported hardware list, we still recommend that older model i Pad and i Phone users hold off on updating until a point release resolves some of the ongoing performance issues.And, built-in apps become more powerful with detailed transit information in Maps, a redesigned Notes app, and an all-new News app.And improvements at the foundation of the operating system enhance performance, improve security and give you up to an hour of extra battery life.Like the i Phone 5, the fifth generation i Pod Touch is a slimmer, lighter model that introduces a higher-resolution, 4-inch screen to the series with 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio.

Other improvements include support for recording 1080p video and panoramic still photos via the rear camera, an LED flash, Apple's A5 chip (the same chip used in the i Pad Mini, i Pad 2, and i Phone 4S) and support for Apple's Siri.

That is so the update can unpack and install on the device – it does not take up 3.1GB of space when completed.

Basically that means you will need at least 3GB of space available on your i Pad, i Phone, or i Pod touch before it will install.

There is a new update of the i Pod touch called the i Pod Touch (6th generation).

Additionally, unlike its predecessors, the i Pod Touch was made available in space grey, silver, pink, yellow, blue, and Product Red.

Read next: i Pod buying guide | i Pod reviews The i Pod touch is the most modern-seeming of Apple's i Pod line, offering as it does virtually everything the i Phone does except phone calls: it's a lot like a shrunk-down version of a Wi Fi-only i Pad mini, and people still buy those.