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Updating url icon

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UPDATE: To be more specific, here's what the client said: "Because of our use of authentication, the URL of the landing page that [website] takes you to changes to a long URL with a session ID.

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However, changing one file icon strangely does not change all the rest. If you make a new url, and you don't specify an icon for it, it will use the default icon for all urls.Is there any way to change the URL to [website] (our stable and persistent URL) after or before the Add to home screen function is invoked" Also, the website isn't a web app, so I'm not sure if web app things would apply here.....?No, it's not possible to do this because of security constraints.Thanks - but with Edge as default browser the icon is an uninspiring boring white rectangle. So I go down the list to find Internet Shortcut and expand that folder in the left panel to find "Default Icon". For example if the file association for one user is different it can be changed by the Classes list in HKEY_CURRENT_USER.I don't suppose there is any way of tweaking Edge's appointed icon is there? My settings may be different from yours, because Edge is not my default browser, but the method is the same: In HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT find the entry for in the left panel. Here, it's Default value is %System Root%\system32\url.dll,5 You can change that to any icon you wish, for example "C:\My Data\My Icons\My URLicon.ico",0 Note the path must be in quotes if it contains any spaces. There is no harm experimenting with a Default Icon setting, provided you make a note of the original value, so you can go back if you don't like the result.It is usually the "favicon" for the website it links to.

It works the same for shortcuts to files, such as programs.

Although, It might be overly complicated for what you need. Save End Sub 'End of VBScript Win XP - create a file and copy it to %systemroot%\system32.

$shortcut_name = "Name" $shortcut_target = "URL" $sh = new-object -com "WScript. Special Folders.item("All Users Desktop") $lnk = $sh. Create Shortcut(str Current User & "\Your Link Name.lnk") obj Shortcut Url. Create a file pointing to the file in the system32 directory. Win7 - I created an MSI using Install Shield that accomplishes something very similar but all the files are contained in the install directory.

That is the Firefox icon here, because that is my default browser.

But if you do specify an icon in the properties of one particular url, the purpose is to make that url look unique, and therefore easy to find.

Expand Environment Strings("%All Users Profile%") & "\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch" 'Set the path to your custom icon below str Icon Path = str All Users & "\Application Data\Your Icons\My Icon.ico" Get_Copy Icon Get_Create Shortcuts Sub Get_Copy Icon Set fso = Create Object("Scripting.