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Updating vcenter vds data

updating vcenter vds data-86

How is the dvsdata folder handled on a LUN that is replicated betweent site-A and site-b?

updating vcenter vds data-76updating vcenter vds data-6updating vcenter vds data-73

VMware released v Center Server 5.5 Update 2d (Build 2442329) on the 27th, with VADP bug fixes.If that wasn’t enough, the v Center Server Appliance now has features that are exclusive such as: We’ll also cover general improvements to v Center Server 6.5 including the v Sphere Web Client and the fully supported HTML5-based v Sphere Client.Getting to the v Center Server Appliance is no longer an issue as the installer has a built in Migration Tool.Excited to get rid of 2012, I took on the task of migrating our v Center on to a new 2012 R2 VM.While I discovered it was more than a simple SQL migration, it was actually pretty easy.Today VMware announced v Sphere 6.5, which is one of the most feature rich releases of v Sphere in quite some time.

The v Center Server Appliance is taking charge in this release with several new features which we’ll cover in this blog article.

I am unable to stop the job, that process hangs as well.

I can't even RDP to the VM at this point, and to get to it I have to use the v Sphere console.

I haven't updated to VSAN 6.2 disk format v3 yet, and hadn't planned to for some time.

I was surprised to see our new R730xd hosts are not on the 6u2 HCL, nor the H730p adapter on the VSAN 6.2 HCL.

I was under the impression that migrating v Center to a new host was a difficult and risky process.