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Validating holistic scoring for writing assessment

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A study of cost terms; cost behavior; systems design; and the analysis, interpretation, and application of accounting data by management.The study evaluated the reliability and validity of the Writing Assessment Measure (WAM), developed to reflect the skills which children of different abilities are expected to achieve in written expression, as part of the National Curriculum guidelines in England and Wales.The focus was on its potential use in investigations of children's written narrative in order to inform and target related interventions.A study of the uses of financial statements, the study of manufacturing operations, and the uses of accounting information by management.Prerequisite: ACCT 211View Book Information ACCT 300 (3-3-0) Accounting Information Systems: This course provides basic knowledge of how accounting information systems function in business organizations.Since the 1990 1991 school year to the present, six schools have participated in the QUASAR Project.

The goal of this project is to demonstrate how math programs that focus on problem solving and reasoning skills can succeed with urban middle school students of various ethnic backgrounds (Silver and Stein 1996).

A study of the basic concepts of accounting, the accounting cycle and preparation of financial statements, and the analysis and recording of transactions for operating, investing, and financing activities.

Prerequisite: MATH 121 Or MATH 123View Book Information ACCT 212 (3-3-0) Principles of Accounting II: An introduction to managerial accounting.

For this project, we developed the QUASAR Cognitive Assessment Instrument (QCAI) and used it to monitor student outcomes and growth (Lane 1993).

This instrument consists of a set of open ended tasks that measure students' mathematical problem solving, reasoning, and communication skills.

How can teachers become better informed about performance assessment?