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Validating the school culture survey

validating the school culture survey-89

This report presents a detailed whole-school profile of core strengths and potential areas of need, based on the twelve dimensions. In addition, NSCC offers customized workshop, training, and professional development supports to guide schools through the improvement process.To view a list of available services, visit our professional development section.

The Survey Administrator will send an email to all (or some) teachers.The CSCI school climate survey is an empirically validated tool that has been used by thousands of educators, students, and parents nationwide.To learn more about the research and design of the CSCI, click here.The Comprehensive School Climate Inventory (CSCI) is a nationally-recognized school climate survey that provides an in-depth profile of your school community’s particular strengths and needs.With the CSCI, you can quickly and accurately assess student, parent, and school personnel perceptions, and get the detailed information you need to make for lasting improvement.School leaders must explore what relationships are like, how things are done, and what matters most in their schools.

With the use of a quality measurement, school leaders can see the reality of adult working relationships within their schools.

Then school leadership teams can use the data to gain insights and improve their school culture.

With the permission of Valentine and Gruenert, the WVDE is able to provide a research-based School Culture Survey for its schools. With the data from this survey, school leaders can begin to understand the present status of their school's culture, particularly the collaborative nature of their culture.

View the full list of dimensions measured by the CSCI.

View Basic Package Supports Download Sample Surveys School Personnel Survey » Parent Survey » Elementary School Student Survey » Middle/High School Student Survey » Every school has access to a secure, online portal that includes step-by-step guidelines for administration, form letters to aid in outreach, real-time response rates, best practices from the field, and detailed worksheets for focused prioritizing and action planning based on results. Your school's findings are presented in a customized report that provides concrete data, easy-to-read graphs and presentation tools to aid in the creation of targeted action plans for sustained and measurable school-wide improvement.

The Teacher Survey collects data on teachers’ perspectives about school life.