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Vampire diaries nina dobrev and paul wesley dating

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Following their reunion in "The Vampire Diaries" season 8, rumor has it that Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley are now dating.

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Dobrev has allegedly been spending time with her former co-star, although they have denied the rumors.They were together four years before parting ways, and it still isn’t known why they decided to end the relationship. Dobrev dated Ian Somerhalder for a number of years while the show was still airing.They eventually called it quits, and Dobrev left the series for a few seasons, but their romance was still a dream come true for many fans.According to , Tonkin removed all of her photos with Wesley from social media after their breakup.They are reportedly still on good terms after the split, although she did give Wesley back the promise ring he bought her.And when the sun comes up, you know, give each other a hug, take off their rings, and throw them in the water and poof! It appears the guys who have portrayed Damon and Stefan for eight seasons of ‘The Vampire Diaries’ are ready to kill the Salvatore Brothers off forever.

If that’s Julie Plec’s plan, then we won’t see either Stefan or Damon show up in New Orleans during season 4 of ‘The Originals’ will we?

How does Paul Wesley [Stefan Salvatore] think ‘The Vampire Diaries’ should end?

In a recent interview with TV Guide, Wesley answered, “I really think [Stefan] should take off his [daylight] ring and die – with Damon.

She explained: "I spoke to the director and said, 'Come on, dude.

I can't film this movie and have it come out in a year and have my friends see it and make fun of me because it's such a cool, big, action movie and I'm in the corner cowering the whole time.

Nina plays weapons specialist Becky Clearidge in x Xx: Return of Xander Cage.