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Vb net dataadapter not updating

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If no primary key is found, the data is appended to the tables in the stores data by using . For most applications, these provide a convenient representation of data source information.However, this representation may cause a problem when the data type in the data source is a SQL Server decimal or numeric data type. NET Framework is created for the chaptered column, and that table is filled with the columns and rows from the chapter.

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If there is no column in an existing table that matches a column found in the chapter, a new column is added.Also we can populate a combo box from a dataset values.Enum provide a convenient way in which to create a group of related constants that can be viewed as strings or integer values.In this case I added, deleted, and modified a list of books wrote on a paper.I need to do all of this, before save it into the data base. You need to understand what a Data Table object is.Microsoft is conducting an online survey to understand your opinion of the Msdn Web site.

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The system needs to let the user modify some rows, or maybe delete another rows, or just add new rows, and at the end, or when ever they wants, they can click on the save button. Allows to update a data base, from a data table that has been modified, deleted rows, and add rows?

But each thing will happen, before the data is stored in the database. We have a list of books wrote on the paper, and we want to add a couple of books more, but later we discovered that one book is not needed, and 2 seconds later, we see that the name of a book, is wrong, spell mistakes.

Pulling all of the table to the client also locks all of the rows on the server.

To improve performance, you can use the with data from the data source for rows where the primary key column values match those of the row returned from the data source.

Ole Db Command Builder allows to Add, Delete, and modify rows in a data base, everything at the same time? I need to store a data table, that will get adding rows, deleting rows, and rows modified.