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You cannot practice veterinary medicine with an inactive or delinquent license. If you reside outside of California, you have two options for meeting the CE requirement: To renew your inactive license to active status you must complete 36 hours of CE in the two years immediately preceding the date you want to reactivate your license, submit proof of CE to the Board, and include a $25 fee (that covers the cost of reprinting your newly active license). One half hour is defined as a minimum of 25 minutes. Courses can cover scientific knowledge and/or technical skills, direct patient/client care, or indirect patient/client care. This also includes "correspondence online courses". Licensees self-certify these hours by listing the various type of self-study they have completed. How many hours are allowed to come from self-study courses? In general, you will earn one hour of CE for each 50 minutes of actual instruction. 1 semester unit = 15 CE hours 1 quarter unit = 10 CE hours If audited, transcripts will be required to verify CE hours. However, you can only claim credit for a course one time during a single renewal period. Are there any provisions for a waiver of the CE requirements? You can petition the Board for a waiver of CE requirements; however, you must meet one of the following specific criteria allowed for consideration of a waiver: You must inform the Board as soon as you know you will need a CE waiver and will be required to submit documents, satisfactory to the Board, supporting your request. It is the licensee's responsibility to find out whether the provider is approved prior to taking a course.

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Licensees with an inactive or delinquent status must cease practice until such time as they complete the 36 hours of approved CE. Can I count hours completed outside my renewal period? The only exception is CE taken for a license that is inactive or delinquent; those renewals may only claim CE that was earned in the two-year period prior to renewal of that inactive or delinquent license. What if a course begins in one renewal period but ends in another? Information about providers can be found on the Board's web site under Approved Providers. Information about providers can be found on the Board's web site under Approved Providers. There are different requirements if you are selected for a random CE audit. Approved CE courses can be delivered in a variety of modes, including actual class room settings, academic studies, extension studies, conferences, seminars, workshops, interactive online learning, and self-study courses. For purposes of reporting mandatory CE, 50 minutes constitutes one hour.

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It is ILLEGAL to practice veterinary medicine in California with an inactive or expired license. Can I get an extension on my renewal if I have not completed the required hours? There is no provision in the law to allow for an extension on a license renewal. If you take a course that starts in one renewal period but ends in another, CE hours will count only towards the renewal period in which you completed the course. The Board accepts courses approved by the American Association of Veterinary State Boards (AAVSB) as well as statutorily approved providers. The Board accepts courses approved by the American Association of Veterinary State Boards (AAVSB) as well as statutorily approved providers. Courses must be a minimum of 50 minutes for the first hour. Self-study courses are performed at a licensee's residence, office, or other private location.