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Smartphone users need to be on the lookout for a new scam that charges them for unsolicited text messages advertising video games, glamour videos and pornography.The premium-rate texts cost a staggering £4.50 to receive.

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He pursues his intended victim with a singleness of purpose, delivering a powerful neurotoxic venom with one swift strike.Using his keen eyesight and powerful sense of smell, the little King spots his prey, a small olive water snake.He locks onto his target, and moves into striking position.“In this period we have banned over 25 individuals and companies from operating in the premium rate industry.”The news comes days after i Phone owners received spam text messages that claimed to be from Apple and warned about i Cloud accounts expiring in the coming days.“Consumers who feel they wish to complain about a premium rate service should first contact the service provider,” the spokesperson for Phone Pay Plus added.“If this does not resolve the matter, they can contact Phone Pay Plus via our website: or on 0300 30 300 20 and we will look into the matter.”UK mobile carriers – including EE, O2, Vodafone and Three – have now urged customers to check their monthly bills on a regular basis and immediately report any unknown charges. said: "Customers should reply to the message with ‘stop’, then complain to the company and then to their mobile provider as they may be eligible for a refund."Keep the message for evidence."This latest scam comes as smartphone users have been left with massive bills to pay after receiving a short call from an 0845 or 0843 number which they don't answer.However, when their bill arrives it shows an expensive call to the number has been made by the customer's phone.''We absolutely have to talk to young people about sex, love, respect and consent as soon as we feel they are ready, to ensure that they gain a proper perspective between real life relationships and the fantasy world of porn.'' • Young girls and boys bullied for explicit sex videos Peter Liver, director of Child Line, said children reported that watching porn made them feel depressed, gave them body image issues and put pressure on them to engage in sex acts they are not ready for.

A report by charity Child Wise in 2013/14 revealed that website Pornhub was among the top five favourite sites named by boys aged 11-16.

Dame Esther Rantzen, the founder of Child Line, said that children as young as 11 had contacted the service with concerns about pornography.

She said: ''Young people are turning to the internet to learn about sex and relationships.

Thousands of users were unaware of the charges when they received the texts, and were unaware how to stop the messages being sent to their phones.

Regulator Phone Pay Plus has received over 7,400 complaints from firms sending unsolicited texts, according to , “Phone Pay Plus’ Code of Practice states consumers must not be contacted or charged for premium rate services without their consent and that providers of services must be able to provide evidence which establishes consent.“When breaches of our rules are found, either through consumers’ information or the work of our research and monitoring team we take action – in 2015/16 we fined 17 companies and since April 2014 have collected over £2million in fines."Where sanctions are not complied with, we have a variety of other powers including banning individuals and companies from operating in the market.

Despite being a literal “babe in the woods,” this little guy already possesses all the skills he’ll ever need to survive in the forest.