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Weather map updating live

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If you want to use the full standalone version of Weather Map Live you will need to buy the full product which costs $45 for the first year. Scattered showers will continue for the rest of the evening, but coverage will shrink overnight. Expect scattered rain to start the day tomorrow, and expect coverage to increase as we head into the afternoon.

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The data is updated every 15 minutes from Weather Display stations and on a less frequent basis from Metars which vary depending upon the airport.This website provides live and historical weather data, sourced from a citizen-operated weather station, located in the town of Kaniva, country Victoria, Australia Data on this site is updated once every 30 seconds, although graphed data may take up to 10 minutes to refresh. Disclaimer: This is a citizen run weather station and website. failures and feeds data to a number of weather agencies including the UK Met Office.In areas where there are several nearby stations you will need to use the scaling control to zoom in on the area of interest (double-clicking an unmarked area on the map will also zoom in by one level for each double-click).You can also drag the map around within its frame to centre it on an area of interest.You can choose a location to display by entering longitude and latitude co-ordinates into our website front end which then provides you with a list of available weather sources to select for your map.

Add Weather Map Live to your website, configure it with a map of your choice, and sit back to watch the weather!

Not everyone will see rain all at the same time, so keep your rain gear close by.

Highs will make it into the low 80s tomorrow afternoon.

See more detail about how Weather Map Live works... Two Versions There are two version of Weather Map Live available. Removed Face Book after the breaking change they made not allowing auto posts.

A "lite" version is available embedded within Weather Display Live, which has a reduced number of features such as displaying only one map, and a full standalone version. Note that for the standalone version of Weather Map Live you don't need Weather Display - in fact you don't even need your own weather station! Updated the compiler used for overall improvements. Added support for Hobby Boards 8 channel 1 wire relay. Latest version now has new real time graph option for main screen (see under setup, advanced/misc, main screen customise) also now has new icons under control panel and view panel.

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