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With the You Tube system, users can go into a 360-degree space in avatar form and chat — similar to what Facebook showed off at F8 with its Spaces social networking app.

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If you’ve just taken the first tentative steps into the world of Dota 2, you’ll have probably grasped the rules – there’s only one map and one goal, after all.Check there for an email from "[email protected]" and add us to your safe senders’ list.If it’s not there, call customer support at 877.314.4341.Andy is well known for his excellent work in and around Dorset and the surrounding area but he also now travels and teaches around the world.We discuss the benefits of getting to know your local area and the rewards for persistance in your shooting.Google didn’t specify if it will be available for random users or friends who can go into a room to chat, so there are some issues to be addressed to make sure it’s a safe platform for people to meet up.

We catch up with former Landscape Photographer of the Year - Andy Farrer.

Where each team is frantically attacking the enemy base trying to land the final blow first.

Terrible for spectators hoping to avoid high levels of stress.

The Togcast is hosted by Sam Gregory ( & Paul Sanders ( Many thans to Wex Photographic for supporting the show, check out their range of photography & video gear at week we catch up with Sandisk Extreme team member and Canon specialist tutor David Newton.

David travels the world as a professional photographer and videographer working and teaching for top brands.

You’ll have caught some of that adrenaline rush already too, but there’s probably lot of MOBA talk that’s still a mystery to you. There are a handful of exceptions but Aghs generally upgrades the power of a hero's ultimate ability.