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What episode do elena and damon start dating

After more than three seasons of foreplay, Elena finally gave in to her feelings and had sex with Damon. Caroline’s got a theory that Elena is sired to Damon!

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She thinks Stefan is Elena’s epic love, and “Damon is sneaky and manipulative and rude.” To top it off, the idea of Delena, to borrow a ‘shipper term, “makes me want to barf,” she adds. I love the character and her friendship with Stefan, which obviously colors her feelings, but she did come off as unnecessarily harsh, no?During this trip, the spark is definitely reignited between the two, while they awkwardly avoid talking about Damon.After Elena says her goodbyes, Stefan gets into a bar fight just to feel again and Elena luckily comes back because she “forgot her jacket.” After that, Stefan couldn’t hold back — so he just told her everything: that Alaric compelled her to forget Damon and that she used to be in love with him. So, Jeremy and Elena were both sleeping with Salvatores. * And Damon, upon learning that Lily suggested Kai put Elena under the sleeping spell, decided to let her bring back Julian… The idea for a Bonnie/Enzo pairing began in Episode 21 of Season 6 when Enzo visited came to visit Lily at the Salvatore Mansion, where he was met at the door by Bonnie. chemistry in that really short scene,” Dries recalls. Let’s explore that relationship.’ Of course, they have no reason to like each other; in the present day, we’ve been telling their hate story.So the whole point is that, when you see them in the future, you’re supposed to be like, ‘Wait, how did they get to there?‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 8 spoilers have fans imaginations running wild.

Nina Dobrev hasn’t confirmed a return to TVD for the Season 8 series finale, but if executive producer Julie Plec has her way Elena will be back and there’s buzz that there will be an Elena and Stefan [Paul Wesley] reunion.

If Stefan breaks Caroline’s heart, Klaus [Joseph Morgan] could be waiting in the wings to reclaim his lost love.

Klaus left Caroline behind in Mystic Falls telling Caroline he would be her last love.

So, to do that, he shows them how to create new identities for them both.

He turns into Stefan Cooper who proposes to Elena Williams — adorable.

Damon [Ian Somerhalder] turns dark and pushes Elena away when she returns to Mystic Falls.