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When to kiss when dating

Some people think the moment comes at the end of the date and trying for a kiss earlier is a mistake. Sometimes it’s not a case of waiting for the good-night kiss; some girls don’t kiss on the first date, some do, good for them either way.

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And critically, I’ve learned the most important part about the first kiss.Picture a near-perfect date, the conversation has been flowing, the chemistry is electric and so naturally, you want to end the evening on a high and give your date a good night kiss.But then you start to second guess yourself, wondering if you’ve read the signals right, or if you’re going to get a swift rejection of your advances. The truth is, you’re asking the wrong goddamn question. So I’ve learned how to recognize when someone is receptive to being kissed and how. Now personally, I’m not a fan of all the nervous anticipation that comes with the end of a date, so I’ll usually kiss her to really work up my calibration.Here’s how to be as sure as you can be that you’re making the right move.

It’s the little things that count – the brush of an arm, catching them giving you a coy smile, or even placing their hand over yours at the dinner table.

Hug It Out One way to learn about how a woman feels about you is to assess the hug response.

When saying hello or goodbye, keep the embrace short and look for nonverbal feedback. If so, you might even be able to get the short first kiss in right then.

So I figured out how to attract a woman on a much deeper level – an evolutionary level.

So I developed a step-by-step system for doing just that…

from the moment I meet her, all the way until she’s my girlfriend. Well, MOST guys either get nervous and fumble this… And this is IMPORTANT: she’s expecting you to do either of those things. The power is mine.” But when YOU are the one to go for the kiss on the cheek, and you wryly tell her that “maybe” you’ll have to hang out again, it leaves an unanswered question in her mind.