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Who dating who taylor swift

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The singer, 27, and the actor, 26, are said to have been sneaking around London in disguise in a bid to keep their budding romance under wraps for 'several months'.Taylor and Joe - who still lives at home with his parents - are already very serious, The Sun newspaper has claimed.

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While there is no lack of evidence to prove how the voyeuristic tendencies of people worldwide are fueled by sensationalized tid-bits of paparazzi bytes of the lives of celebrities, there isn’t an iota of doubt about the intrusive nature of this fetishized schema either.There's "Back to December" about Taylor Lautner and "Holy Ground" pays homage to the failed romance with Joe Jonas, as well as about 4 million other songs recorded on various albums and probably scribbled on notepads across the globe.For the most part, the songs are somewhat vague and offer very little dirt on the men who have broken Taylor's heart.Of course, the kind of media ‘shaming’ Taylor Swift has been subjected to isn’t a private detail, but that is precisely her contention.Taylor Swift has been enjoying a secret romance with British star Joe Alwyn.Taylor has also dated One Director singer Harry Styles and Scottish DJ Calvin Harris, as well as John Mayer, Conor Kennedy and Jake Gyllenhaal.

She has been staying out of the public's eye for three months and, according to the insider, is desperate to avoid the public scrutiny she faced while dating Tom, 36.

This sort of outlook and dissection exacerbates the predicament of the ‘singles’ around the globe, complicating the ‘to date or not to date’ equation so much more!

And Taylor Swift, the pop star who has been making news as much for her romantic rendezvous as for her albums, has opened up about the undying question that she’s bombarded with – Who is Taylor Swift dating?

It is a ‘sorry state,’ as many would put it, and while the media would have no qualms to pry into celebrities’ lives to pick up the faintest of non-clues about any single person the particular celebrity can be spotted around and possibly be romantically involved with, the singles who aren’t in the limelight, can attest to the same level of intrusion by well-meaning (?

) family members, pesky relatives, friends, and even strangers!

Joe is the first person Taylor has been linked to since she split with the Brit and they have reportedly been dating for months.