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Who drake dating now

[She and A-Rod] haven’t gone public yet, but I can confirm this is absolutely true,” a source told .

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They seemed absolutely into each other, constantly posting mushy photos on social media detailing their relationship. What’s Drake to do when his ex-girlfriend has moved on so quickly to another eligible bachelor? Despite the fact he’s a total bachelor, he’ll probably settle down at some point.reported he hooked up with French booty model /porn star Rosee Divine in Amsterdam back in January. If we were dating someone new, we wouldn’t want to be associated with one of our exes either. Lo’s relationship with A-Rod is very “real.” “[A-Rod] was with [J. Well, now we know why earlier this week, Jennifer was so adamant about letting the world know she’s NOT dating Drake.One day, Drake is going to be in a serious relationship. Yet Drake-in-love seems to be the preferred persona among his fans, particularly when it pertains to his great public love, the yin to his yang, his sometime duet partner and the fuel that seemingly keeps his fantasies going. Their relationship has been waxing and waning like the tide for nearly eight years now. He's only 30 and, as one of the most successful rap artists alive right now, he swims in a sea populated by far more fish than any average male ecosystem could possibly comprehend." CLICK HERE to view "Top 25 Celebrities On Twitter (When You Take Out FAKE Followers)! So why would she still be calling out the rapper after their fling seemingly fizzled out?

" CLICK HERE to view "Top 25 Celebrities On Twitter (When You Take Out FAKE Followers)! Watch the moment (below), but then be sure to let us know what U think about her diss!

Hollywood Lifers, how would YOU feel about Jennifer Lopez dating Alex Rodriguez?

Aren’t you looking forward to using their eventual couple name, “J-Rod”?

Drake dated Rihanna, 28, for a short period in 2016 after declaring his love for her at the MTV Video Music Awards.

They just couldn’t make it work, and reportedly ended things on a bad note.

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