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Who is dating dev patel

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“I feel really proud of being able to be a part of representing a diverse cinema and that’s breathing life into diverse stories so that people that look like myself have something to aspire to on screen.” Pictured: Dev chats on his phone while keeping a low profile on Wednesday (May 24) in Beverly Hills, Calif. The two sat at a table with Dev’s mother, Anita Patel, and were reportedly acting way closer than friends and co-stars. Dev and Tilda sat together at co-founder Harvey Weinstein‘s table with other stars from The prestigious film company throws the pre-Oscars party every year, and it’s celeb turn-out is always incredible.

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Tilda, a 22-year-old Australian actress, who hails from Adelaide and starred in The Kettering Incident, was spotted holding hands with Dev in Hollywood the day after the Oscars.The film is an American-Australian thriller, that tells the story of the victims and survivors of the awful attacks on Mumbai in 2008.This is the first time we’re hearing of a rumored romance between Dev and Tilda. But that doesn't seem like the case for Pinto. They're never fun, and they usually come with a steady schedule of tears, sweatpants, and ice cream.He was given the Best Actor award for his performance.

Patel later attended Whitmore High School, receiving an A* in GCSE Drama for his "self-penned portrayal of a child in the Beslan school siege".

“They kept a distance from each other during the cocktail hour so as not to attract attention but left caution to the wind during the dinner.

Not only that, his beloved mom was also photographed with the couple and even appeared in a cozy Dev and Tilda sandwich, meaning she most definitely must approve.

I'd give up fame tomorrow for a solid relationship.

Looking back now, I wonder if it really was love between Beau and me.

star was recently asked about how he combats being typecast.