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Who is diane gilman dating

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In the early 80’s she was discovered by Bloomingdale’s to produce her first full collection.

Gilman co-facilitated a major Sustainable Community and Ecovillage Conference held at Findhorn, Scotland, in October 1995.This conference was instrumental in giving shape to the ecovillage movement.At 67, fashion designer Diane Gilman is making more money than she ever has in her life.On the same page I made a list of all things feminine I wanted to embrace or achieve.No different from a general attacking the enemy on a battlefield, I turned around each area of my life.In 1991, she and her husband, Robert Gilman co-wrote Eco-Villages and Sustainable Communities, a seminal study of ecovillages for Gaia Trust.

Gilman attended the University of California at Santa Barbara, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Art.

She's got the figure of someone two decades younger — maybe more — and is getting more exposure and opportunities than she never imagined.

Oh, and she's also having the best sex of her life. Gilman is the top-selling fashion designer and resident "denim diva'' on HSN, the home shopping television network headquartered in St. She has sold more than 7 million pairs of her DG2 jeans for middle-age women.

" It's simple -- I have a May-December romance, and whenever I had any doubts I could always fall back on the thought that if Demi can make it work... Five years ago, on a flight from New York to Tampa to do my show on HSN, I found myself seated next to a gorgeous guy who looked like he was in his forties -- ten to fifteen years younger than me.

We started small-talking about travels and work and ended up engaged in one of those electrifying conversations where the intellectual and spiritual connection is as potent as the sexual chemistry. Demi was my beacon of light, my guide into Cougarland, lending hope, positive image, respectability, and a sense of possibility. Now, the cougars she inspired will have to continue blazing the trail. I love him even more for that beautiful sentiment...

The thought of inspiring millions of new viewers thrilled me. In my mid-50's, feeling defeated, I was alone and barely recognized myself. So squeezing back into the dating world was definitely out of the question. This revolution Five years ago I made a list of everything about myself I didn't like and wanted to change.