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Who is michael bay dating

And he's dated some women that are as hot and fast as the Ferarri 360 Spider he drives.Some of the Michael Bay alumni include: Jaime Bergman, a Playboy centerfold, Houston (yes, that's a woman), Cara Michelle, Lisa Dergan and, of course, the magnum opus of his bitches brew, Pamela Anderson.

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Michael Bay is just giving the masses what they want in heavy doses.Bay has said that he automatically tends to like dog people and any woman who is one will not have any difficulty being around him. When his oldest dog Mason passed away in 2007, he was devastated emotionally and took time to recuperate.Bay also wants his girlfriend to be a vegetarian as he himself is one.They are movies in which very many shiny objects blow up. You find yourself wishing he didn't have his collar up. He didn't fit in, didn't' wear black, didn't suffer the right kind of angst. He shot some student films and proved to be a natural. He was adopted, and supposedly he knows who his biological father is, and supposedly he's a famous movie director. They are movies that make you wonder how you got so out of touch with things, in that you've never met a single person who likes these movies, and yet the movies make tons of money. A collar up says, I am the type to spend time thinking, Hmmmm, how would I look with my collar up? Far too thin to be categorized as ruggedly handsome. But this isn't something he would ever bring up; this is not something he needs. Maybe this was the first time Michael Bay got the taste, like a young man who suddenly finds himself choosing a really good Scotch. "It's like, people die all over the world in earthquakes, whatever, you know, in much huger numbers than at Pearl Harbor. You wonder, You think, Okay, only three thousand people died, but there's something, you know? Or maybe Megan is just being offered SO much money for the gig she couldn't possibly refuse! Babiez suck money like milk from their mother's teat, she's gotta get those childcare billz paid somehow!

Ch-ch-check out some snaps of Megan and Michael PRE-breakup (below)!

This is not the kind of handsome you expect of a guy who has entered into the canon of the world's cinematic literature. Because now you're wishing he didn't park in the handicapped spot. There really is no defense you can give to a healthy thirty-seven-year-old man parking his $200,000 Ferrari in a handicapped spot. Because you are a generous human being with a regular heart and you like your main character to be sympathetic? Because that is the very word you were thinking about. Because what if he took the path everyone seems to want a truly great movie director to take? Artsy Film School Grad running around town begging for pennies and making gorgeous films that satisfied his young genius soul but never made anybody any money? By the time he was twenty-six, he'd won every major commercial directing award there is to win.

Oh, you wish he didn't just pull up here to the production office and, without so much as a blip of hesitation, pull his car into the handicapped spot. That is the word you often hear used by people who are critical of Michael Bay's movies. What, he's supposed to just walk into a studio and say, Now may I please have $140 million to make a movie about Pearl Harbor? "People say, 'Oh, you know, he was a commercial director and now he's doing features,'" he says.

"It's like, you know, I had a reporter here who said, 'Would you ever date a girl who didn't like your movies? He has fine features and eyes that sit far inside his face, like there's quite a nice shelf over those eyes, a shady place to think and dream. There's a very definite despite-it-all likeability factor going on here. In college, he won big awards, went on to film school at Art Center in Pasadena, and soon after got hired by Propaganda Films to shoot music videos and commercials—Nike, Budweiser, Coke, and that Got Milk? You stand there and wonder why it's so important compared to things that happen nowadays, like in Mexico where a landslide can kill fifty thousand people.

He's handsome in the way a poet is handsome—that's the problem. There is more than a glimmer of decency about the man. ad with the guy with the peanut butter in his mouth.

If Spielberg is the Tylenol of special effects films, Bay is the Oxycontin.