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Who is pete carroll dating

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But while he was still in the middle of his immensely successful tenure as head coach of USC's football team, Carroll was considered the favorite to take over the Rams if/when they returned to Los Angeles.

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There's no chance that the person who asked that question (or anyone else listening) actually thought for even one second that Carroll would say that he would leave Seattle to come coach the Rams.But Carroll did not do that as much as in recent seasons.And while nothing their coach does surprises the Seahawks anymore—he did tackle a white board before a playoff game last season, after all—the different tact he took this spring stood out to the veterans, several told Unfortunately, many of the news stories about these issues are no longer available online.I've provided links where I found them, and relied upon second hand sources to the extent those are reliable. If anyone has any information that would help make this entry more accurate and complete, please let me know, and I will edit this accordingly.Besides several new incidents in the intervening months, I've added an entry relating to Southern Cal's basketball team, as it appears likely that there will be trouble with Tim Floyd's program if he doesn't take steps to avoid the controversy surrounding Pete Carroll's program.

I am once again surprised that Sourthern Cal players would be implicated in so many additional incidents during such a short period of time.

That Lions loss, coupled with a Washington Redskins loss earlier Sunday, ensured Detroit of the No.

6 seed in the NFC playoff picture, and with it a date with No.

Keep in mind, since I first posted this in April 2006, the list of incidents has nearly doubled.

One would think that, following the recent spate of problems distracting attention from their endeavors on the field, that USC officials would take swift and substantial action to avoid further problems.

Or will he take his talents to a team that will actually use him when the game's on the line?