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Who is soulja boy dating now

"' I want to come to Soulja Boy concert.' I'm a young n---a from the hood from Atlanta, I never had nothing in my whole life, that's Rihanna n---a.

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3) calling out the R&B singer for allegedly reaching out to him after Soulja Boy "liked" a photo of his ex, Karrueche Tran, on Instagram. On my daughter, stop talking about my daughter, bro. Real gangstas and street niggas know, number one rule: no girls, no daughters, no kids. Stop.” And those weren’t the only females Soulja posted about today.He also shared a few photos of himself with Nicki Minaj and declared his love for her around the same time she shared that she is single and no longer with Meek Mill.Breezy didn’t find it funny that Soulja was name-dropping his little girl and his ex. But one thing you gotta stop doing, my nigga, I’m gonna be real with you, stop bringing my daughter into this, my nigga,” he says in a video post. Adrien Broner, who was once a protege of Money May before they fell out, has taken Chris’ side in the fight.But Breezy will not tolerate Soulja crossing a line that he says everyone from the street should understand. I’m gonna do everything, we’re gonna do all that,” he adds. I’m telling you right now, on Jesus Christ, on anybody you fucking believe in, Allah, Buddah, I don’t give a fuck, nigga.“What he really mad about is that I was with Rihanna, you know what I’m saying? Accompanied by his trainer and promoter for his highly anticipated bout with Brown, boxer Floyd Mayweather, Soulja Boy opened up about an alleged relationship with Rihanna following her 2009 assault at the hands of then-boyfriend Brown. Yeah, Google the s--t, You Tube the s--t," says Soulja.

“And no one would have never knew that, n---a, if he hadn’t come and started tripping about Karrueche. (To note, a quick scroll through Google and You Tube barely yields results about Soulja Boy allegedly dating Rihanna.) According to the rapper, Rihanna befriended him immediately after her assault by Brown.

He thought twice about that and deleted the posts, but here’s screenshots thanks to SOHH.

couple Soulja Boy and Nia Riley has come to an end… And though breaking up isn’t anything out of the ordinary for the hip-hop couple, this time, it appears to be pretty serious — what with Soulja Boy slamming Nia on social media., “Nothing surprises me anymore.

Soulja Boy didn't appear to have any regrets about sharing the disturbing clip, as the next day he tweeted: 'If you're not happy do something about it ... I'm not letting anyone get in the way of me doing me.'After the musician, real name De Andre Cortez Way, shared the threatening video, rapper Skrill Dilly denied rumours that he is dating Nia.

Following her split from Chris Brown, Karrueche Tran has been linked to several men in Hollywood but one man who currently wants her attention is Soulja Boy.

This allegedly pushed Brown to get on the phone with Soulja Boy. In a recent Instagram video, 50 called Tyson and recruited him to join them as an ally in efforts to defeat Soulja Boy and company.