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Who is trina dating now 2016

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Apparently, Trina was pushed aside in favor of the more popular Kardashian star.Meanwhile, Amber Rose, also Harden's ex, believed that the Kardashians were apparently waiting around for her boyfriends as soon as she was done with them.

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The reality TV star was seen with the Houston Rockets player enjoying a meal together at Red 8 restaurant in the Wynn hotel in Las Vegas.A person close to Rose says the former stripper thinks that there's nothing original and genuine about the Kardashians and further labelled them as "some seriously thirsty girls." Rose was almost expecting that one of the reality TV star siblings would try to hook up with Wiz Khalifa, said the insider.She also commented that even Kylie Jenner joined in the clan's tradition of "bottom feeding" by going out with Tyga, the source also revealed.In less than an hour – and without any downtime – you’ll be well on your way to tighter, better-fitting skin. I’m an actress and a comic who just turned 41 years old. I’ve never been symmetrical, but I had great bone structure, big playful eyes and possessed a unique look. If I do it twice, will I look 4 years younger instead of two? Afterwards, the pair proceeded to Drai's Nightclub to party at Chris Brown's Fourth of July celebration.

Khloe used to go out with Bad Boy rapper French Montana while he was reportedly still living together with Trina.

Trina and Gabe decided to call their marriage quits for the second time after Trina became fed up with Gabe’s cheating ways.

America really felt hurt for Trina as we got to see their relationship pretty much deteriorate on reality TV.

The Braxton sisters were happy that Trina was able to obtain some type of closure with Solis showing up out of nowhere.

However, Toni Braxton realizes that Trina actually just really loves Gabe.

I don’t know about you but I was crossing my fingers that Trina wouldn’t call for an Uber and would hear Gabe out.