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Why am i dating a loser

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When she expressed this to me I was disgusted(disgusted being the only word I know to use but I don’t really know how I feel about this issue) and feeling like she wanted me to controll her which is something I feel is wrong for two reasons 1-it shows that a women is insecure and instead of learning or dealing with things she is trying to pass the “buck” to the man and 2-a man who tries to controll things in such a way is insecure in himself or is simply careless of how he treats others.I simply didn’t want her to have sex with me unless she wanted to because she was easily pushed into things.

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However, I thought I was being nice to her (for the first time a guy that didn’t controll her or try to just have his way with her). He's so sweet but he's not the typical guy I would date.I've been in a relationship with my boyfriend for 8 months now and some of his old behavior is peaking through again.Before committing to someone, you must ask yourself: Am I dating a loser? But at times, our feelings and emotions towards the person might cloud our minds.It would be very tough to stay in touch with reality in such a juncture. You must be aware of certain warning signs that tell you about the quality of the person you are seeing. Some men deliberately forget their wallets whereas some frequently forget to get their monies with them. I am principaled, honest (almost to a fault), ambitious and for someone I care about, very loveing and affectionate. Every member of my family has hurt me irrepairably but I still “tried” and was ultimatly unsuccessful. I was and still am incapable of takeing part (being and integral member) in social gatherings, group settings, or any social activity involving more than one on one discusion.

As a child of about nine I became extremely cynical. I started to grow out of this at 18 but to this day I still can’t find myself worthy of affection.

”, which may help you to identify and highlight experiences of concern within your relationship.

This article was published to the Internet several years ago and was originally written to help identify “Losers” in relationships.

At age 25, by a girl only looking for a fling while her husband was on the road, I finnally got laid(right or wrong I had to do it).

Just as I suspected, sex wasn’t important and I couldn’t have even had sex with her unless I cared about her. A curse that she rectified subtley over the next six months. The problems we had together weren’t her being married so much as they were my lack of experience.

That is why we fail to realise our mistakes and end up dating losers.