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Why asian guys have trouble dating

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I know a whole bunch of Chinese guys over 30 who have a heck of a time find a wife.I know that money and looks can get you most anything (moreso perhaps in Miami) but I'm not a club guy nor do I have/want any swagger/machismo and would like to start finding someone serious in about a year or so.I tend to gravitate towards caucasian women only because I've lived most my life in heavy caucasian communities, but I'm relatively open.Asian men can't, unless if they're muscular or act atypical to a typical Asian.Colleges and jobs accept a black or latino with lower SAT scores and lower grades than an Asian guy with high grades and high SAT scores.In September 1999 -- my first month in China -- I had a huge crush on a guy.

My heart melted at that first sight of his big sesame-oil brown eyes.

I have not noticed Korean or Filipino guys to be any different than white guys socially, while Chinese guys are a completely different story.

Chinese guys, for the most part need to get a clue.

They even get scholarships as well, to the detriment of many Asians in college.

It's easier for women to get a date because they can reject any guy they don't like as 'creepy'. And most single women that I know aren't looking for dates.

But I expect most men over a certain age would have trouble find someone, regardless of race.