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Police and Boynton say the mother of two young boys tried to kill herself, but Jessica had a different story to tell when she miraculously woke after three weeks in a coma, 11Alive reports.

The Web is by now awash with stories of an ancient text in which Jesus says ‘my wife’. I have tried: We have talked about having an open-relationship, in return for her honesty, but she's not being honest and only telling me lots of lies..Flexi Spy will remotely turn on her cell mic so that you can listen in real time.Coptic is Egyptian written in the Greek alphabet with a few extra letters. [ 8] an image [ BACK: 1 ] my moth[er 2 ] three [ 3 ] … [ 5 ] (illegible ink traces) We believe this to be a largely reliable translation. What we have here is a typical sort of text which arose after Christianity had become very popular and when derivatives of Christianity began to emerge. 114.1: Mary is worthy of it Simon Peter said to them, ‘Let Mary come out from us, because women are not worthy of life.’Line 5: Gos. 101.1-2: She will be able to be a disciple to me Whoever does not hate his father and his mother as I do cannot be a disciple to me.I love my wife a lot, but she's not being honest and faithful. I think it was caused by: Probably fear to lose her lover.Scroll down for video The body cam footage taken on the night Jessica was found shows police searching the home and preparing to break through the locked closet door after Boynton had reported hearing two gunshots.

Her husband had earlier called 911 to ask for officers to be dispatched to his home saying Jessica was having suicidal thoughts.

An open relationship only works with honesty and both parties agreeing not to snoop on the other.

Trust has to be established and you both need to view the open relationship as not cheating.

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Families that were happily married for years can suddenly realize that they cannot wind up looking at their lawful partner.

The Atlanta Braves' "Kiss Cam" entertainment at Turner Field featured a famous couple Thursday night: former President Jimmy Carter and wife Rosalynn.