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Wmp not updating cd info

the aforementioned Windows Media Player 10 and Windows Media Player 12) basically use the same steps, so ripping with other WMP versions will not be a problem.The latest WMP 12, for example, has some differences with its Library and preview functions but is still quite similar to WMP 11.

I haven't searched on Microsoft's website yet, but what I can tell you is that I didn't find anything through Google.Below is the process by which you can update album info easily 1) First update all the music files and albums in Windows Media player library from your computer.2) Go to the media library screen, in this screen you can see all the music files in a chronological order.3) Now scroll down till you find songs titled unknown, or albums with unknown information.4) Select a track or album that you want to update and right click on it.Normally we do have a large collection of music on our hard drive.

It will be easy to find a particular file from the collection if we know the name of the album and the track.

5) From the menu choose Find the Album info option and click on it.

This tutorial will show you how, using a program available to anybody with a PC for free — Windows Media Player.

Open the album for which you want to add the missing information. Windows Media Player will start a wizard that will help you find and update the missing album information.

If all the selected tracks are from the same album, select the appropriate option and click on .

This can include details such as music genre, publisher, year of publishing, album art, etc.