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World dating partners datech limited

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The verticals are many and our clients range from many sectors: Moreover, our unique two-tier partner system enables your business-to-business customers to precisely replicate your services anywhere in the world, to build either their own brand or yours.

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Video, photo and voice options are available to make online communication more enjoyable.Beide bedrijven zijn actief binnen verschillende niches in de datingwereld en bieden hun diensten ook in allerhande talen aan.Hierbij doet World Dating Partners het traditioneel veel beter binnen de Engelstalige markt, terwijl Dating Factory dan weer een sterke speler op de Europese markt, met zijn verschillende talen en culturen, is.This acquisition consolidates Caerus as a leading provider of white or private label dating sites in the international market.Caerus AG, the owner of Dating Factory has acquired Datech Ltd., better known for its private label platform World Dating Partners.Both companies have offerings in multiple languages and dating niches.

Traditionally World Dating Partners has been stronger in English speaking countries while Dating Factory is very strong in mainland Europe with its variety of languages and cultures. The two companies will continue to be operated separately, however many synergies exist, allowing for better efficiency and improved services for its partners and members.

“The companies will be operated under the principle of two companies, one team” says Tanya Fathers, CEO of both companies.

“Both platforms have unique features and USP’s, so it makes sense to keep them separate, however there are many back office functions such as management, customer support and software development among many others that can be combined.

Of zoals Tanya Fathers, CEO van beide bedrijven, het omschrijft: “Twee bedrijven, één team!

” Volgens Fathers zal deze overname heel wat voordelen opleveren: “Beide platformen hebben heel wat unieke opties en kenmerken, daarom ook dat we ze apart willen houden.

Caerus AG, eigenaar van Dating Factory heeft Datech Ltd., bekend omwille van zijn datingplatform World Dating Partners, overgenomen. Door Caerus bevestigt nog maar eens de vooraanstaande rol van deze provider op de internationale markt van de online datingwereld.