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World star hip hop dating site

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The digital entrepreneur was on a intense weight loss kick before his untimely death claim TMZ.

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Read more and watch a stream of the full concert( Fergie will not be leaving the Black Eyed Peas, confirms member Will. ran the story that bandmates, Taboo and ap confirmed Fergie's departure."As for replacing, what people know The Black Eyed Peas to be, nobody is replacing Fergie," will.reportedly told the magazine.It's also the choice of the people who watch and participate. He has innovated a website that has entertained and outraged millions of people.The criticism and the negativity are publicly perceived to be the only real aspects to WSHH courtesy of the media at large -- that doesn't define the creative mind behind the creation of the site and its brand. Keep in mind that the use of the word outraged comes on the heels of the ever-constant bad press that WSHH receives because of the videos that boast millions of views, shares, tweets, etc. Simple, the universal love of hip-hop, the significance and influence in our culture and how every walk of life can look back on the first hip-hop song they heard and remember exactly what they were doing as they listened to it.One of the biggest surprises of the night came late in the concert, with Liam Gallagher taking the stage to perform a solo set heavy with Oasis hits, including 'Rock and Roll Star." While his estranged brother, Noel, didn't appear, Chris Martin of Coldplay joined Liam for the last song in the set, Oasis single 'Live Forever." Martin and Coldplay also paid homage to Oasis with a performance of 'Don't Look Back in Anger" during their stirring set towards the end of the show.Headliner Grande was a perpetual presence throughout, performing solo hits as well as joining other artists, including hitting the stage with Black Eyed Peas for a stirring take on 'Where is the Love," filling in for Fergie.O’Denat founded World Star Hip Hop (also known as “World Star!

”) 12 years ago in 2005 as a mixtape website for rappers.

It's for that reason among others that WSHH is simply put -- a juggernaut. In July of 2005, I was brainstorming for a website idea.

From two highly acclaimed and informative documentaries, a clothing line, being a platform for stars to connect to and share things with their fans, and a future series in the works with Adult Swim -- Q has created something that can bring people together. I was thinking about all of the time I've spent travelling the world and how no matter where I went, people of all walks of life have this intense love for hip-hop.

He failed to respond to CPR, and was pronounced dead on the scene.

Founded in 2005 as a platform to sell rap mix tapes, the website developed into a guilty pleasure You Tube-like subversive portal with a wild assortment of material ranging from street fights, twerking and children hurling expletives to celebrity interviews and sports clips.

But, O'Denat's site was also infamous for posting videos of violent fights, public sexual acts, public shaming, child shaming, and child abuse.