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Close examination of structures in nature can be rewarding and surprising.“Doing it nature's way”, as shown below, has the potential to change the way we live for the better.

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Iz Yangona boste plačali 1.500 MMK, iz Bagana 14.000 MMK...Only the most successful structural forms have survived.The resourcefulness of material use, conformity with mathematical proportion, underlying structural systems, and the profound capacity to respond to a variety of climatic and environmental forces, make natural forms tremendous exemplars to numerous aspects of our life.Sure it was momentous occasion for her, but was a cause for concern on my part because of dating.I remember all of my crushes and unrequited loves from my teenage years and to say I needed a bit of guidance back then would be an understatement.Jennifer's array of challenging dating experiences inspired her to write a book, Don't Use My Sweater Like a Towel. Nerd Girls AGo, and through the funny and informative webisodes of An early leader in online video content, Jennifer created Bad Date TV, featuring bad date characters such as "Bad Date Ben" and "Bad Date Betty." The two-year-old webisode series provides hilarious and inspiring lessons to help instill better etiquette and dating skills among the legions in the dating world who seem to have forgotten (or never learned) them."I'm a strong believer that laughter changes everything," Jennifer says.

"Unlike other dating websites, it's my commitment to operate our business ethically.

Jennifer recently revamped the technologies behind Bad Online to make it more interactive, informative and entertaining than ever.

The "Nerd Girls AGo Go Guru" has created a Bad Online Dates (BOD) i Phone App, a "virtual bad date wingman" that lets frustrated daters share their stories with a supportive community in real time."The BOD i Phone App allows users to post their bad date experiences while immersed in the dating trenches," she says.

Date on your own terms Chances are that you’ll come across people in your life who will tell you to date a certain way, or with a certain goal in mind.

They might say things like “” and I just want to tell you one thing: They’re wrong. What ever way dating works best for you and makes you happy or fulfilled, is the right way to date. Your dating life is your own, and don’t ever let anyone try to convince you otherwise.

Biomimicry (from bios, meaning “life,” and mimesis, meaning “to imitate”) is a design principle that seeks sustainable solutions to human problems by consulting and emulating nature’s time- honoured patterns and strategies.