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Xbmc upnp library not updating

xbmc upnp library not updating-14

It's strange because I looked into the library db file and movies paths are correct.update : all metadata for all movies are displayed correctly in the dashboard.

To test if you have cron installed, try running the following command: If you get an error that says something like "crontab: command not found" then you need to first install cron using the optional step below.XBMC will see the new file(s) but it will not recognise it as a media file (y'know display a thumbnail of a screengrab). It'll see and play older (literally only last week's tv eps) no problems but the last two days have been problematic. I've deleted and re-added the source folders and tried doing both auto updates and manual scanning.the scanning progress bar never seems to complete the full folder.This guide picks up after you’ve got XBMC up and running, but before you’ve added any videos. Above you will find a video that walks through every step that I describe below.So if you feel more comfortable following along with a video, definitely do so!what you've commented out will result in no subtitles, because if the subtitle method is encode, but you force direct stream, there won't be any subs.

instead you should adjust the dlna profile so that the subtitle method ends up being external or embed. Do you think it's possible to implement direct play for UPNP ?

You’ve got a bunch of media on your server in your home office.

You’ve got XBMC on the Apple TV in your living room.

The bizarre thing is that XBMC see the new files easily via u Pn P connections but that requires TVersity which is an abortion of bloatware and not very elegant. but as they are the usual *downloads then the format shouldn't have changed.

Would appreciate ideas how to get XBMC to update, recognise and play the folders placed in the SMB shared folders? also given that the run in XBMC using the u Pn P shares via TVersity (not transcoding) then it doesn't seem to be a format issue.

And if you are attempting to share using an Apple or Linux server, I’ll trust you to find guides for sharing plastered around the net.