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Xbox library not updating

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Later on Groove Music and i Heart Radio will join the console.Because of this I am unable to play any songs for long time.I tried installing other free music player app from store but most of them were just clones of default music player. EDITED I have edited the title because i have found out the reason why my Xbox music is not playing songs.Xbox One's summer update has begun rolling out to users this weekend.It may take a couple of days for some to receive the prompt that downloads the patch, but the update delivering Cortana, background music and more is on the way now.General issues Update running during installation Some players have reported corrupt or locked up installs due to updates being downloaded while the game is downloading or being installed on Xbox One.

You will know this is happening if the installation keeps switching between Installation and Queued.

I have saved all of my songs(mp3) in my SD card and a while back i have deleted some of the songs from SD card using data cable.

Even after deleting the songs from SD card the xbox music app kept the indexes of those deleted songs.

While playing songs these indexes (deleted songs) interfere and doesn't allow to play further.

Any one has any idea how to refersh the song library/index list in xbox music app.

We are aware that some players are experiencing slow download and installation issues with Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.