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As of 2012 Her parents are teachers who are committed to women's rights despite the presence of the Taliban in the region.She credits her father's time spent with and learning from German and Icelandic hippies visiting the area in his youth for his autodidactic education and supportive attitude toward women's education, which included education of her mother.

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February, 3, 2017 - information about database updates Last week (January, 27, 2017 - February, 3, 2017) 18 new scammers, 9 fake documents added to the database and 6 scammers' profiles updated.Until the 1970s, the town's economy stagnated and the buildings from the turn-of-the-century remained untouched.In 1978 Alberta Culture started to inventory the downtown buildings, and in 1982 the downtown became Alberta's first "Provincial Historic Area".In 2009, she won third place in the world junior women's squash championship.In 2011, she arrived in Toronto, Ontario, Canada to train with Jonathon Power. November 22, 1990 in South Waziristan, FATA) is a professional Pakistani squash player.

She dressed like a boy for the first 16 years of her life in order to participate in competitive sports as a Muslim girl, using the name Genghis Khan, fully supported by her Muslim parents.

The town became a CPR divisional point and frontier wood construction began to be replaced by brick and sandstone.

Fort Macleod, originally named Macleod, is a town in the southwest corner of the province of Alberta, Canada.

Stables and the blacksmith's shop were in the north end.

Buildings such as hospitals, stores, and guardrooms were in the south end.

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