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Yamaha acoustic guitars dating

Yes, it is a T, and the "slash" across the bottom is a serif, consistent with the little downward bits on the crossbar at the top, which are also serifs. I was being stubborn and trying to cram a square peg into a round hole. Most of the 1970's Yamaha acoustics were built in Japan but not all.

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My best guess is that I got it late in the summer or fall of '75 from Schmidt Music, a music store there at that time. It has seen many a campfire and years of fun with friends. This means that the serial number is not tied to the manufacturing date. Looks like "0330145", although the focus is off on the photo. But usually the number on the guitar's neck block is the one that's needed. 1) On these guitars, the exact date is unknown as the serial numbers were allocated sequentially amongst all models being made in a production day, The next guitar off of the line regardless of model number got the next serial number.For several years I said that I was keeping it around in case one of my children or grandchildren ever decides to learn how to play.One of my daughters actually had it for several months but her schedule didn't allow for the time needed to learn.The number written on it cannot be found on Yamaha website. If it were a fake, there would be other signs (inferior craftsmanship).

[If anyone sees one with a Dia-de-los-Muertos necklace around the head, probably in a pawn shop, it's mine! Damned burglar.]I have some friends who sell instruments and have been doing so for a while, so they might be able to help out when asked.

Some really excellent copies of Gibson and Martin guitars were made in Japan in the 70's. ;) Dating Yamaha Acoustic guitars With 7 digit numerical serial numbers, .

It's a knock off copy of a Gibson J-160E that John Lennon played.

The guitar was special because it had been his brother's and he offered it to me because he wanted it to go to someone who would appreciate it. Between his schedule and mine, it took a while for us to put this together. Although both have original cases which are different, the guitars are pretty much identical. We had a nice chat and I have edited some of my previous conjectures to reflect our conversation.

According to Ed, around 2008, Yamaha saw an upturn in questions and interest in some of these vintage guitars, including the FG-360, and started compiling information then. According to Yamaha, record keeping was not done well back in those days.

I called Yamaha, and the voice at the other end told me it was a grey-market guitar, never sold in the US, thus they would not have that info. : thanks, : vince I have had a Yamaha FG-140 for some 30 years which places build date around 1972-3. : : Hi, : : I'm trying to find out what the build date is for a Yamaha FG-140 I recently bought, # T0085566. The serial number on an FG 140 is usually on the first brace you see looking through the soundhole towards the neck. Yamaha actually reuse numbers every 10 years so its up to you if you think its 62 or 72, I have two both dated as 1972 according to the Yamaha american website. : Hi, : I'm trying to find out what the build date is for a Yamaha FG-140 I recently bought, # T0085566. I've been told my guitar was made sometime in the '60s.