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Youtube poop hyrule dating

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Peace is boring. - That fat old king just called me his "Boi". - Now that old fart is going on about how "peace is what true warriors strive for" - I still think that peace is boring. I need to do something to alleviate the peace. - Regarding my last entry, I have the strangest feeling i'm about to find out. - Yep, I was right.Some purple homo riding a carpet just came by and he told me that Ganon just attacked Koridai. - Pfft, lol, that fatassed idiot thinks he can fix this. - Yep, the homo's telling me that only I can fix all this.

At times, the King can be outright depraved, having a massive gay orgy with several characters It is no surprise that the King is in the category titled: "Retarded, Insane, Stupid, Dumb".Gwonam tells him about the island's "Faces of Evil"; giant stone structures and mountains in the shape of heads, each one controlled by a minion of Ganon and in their likeness.Ganon's minions have also been turning many of Koridai's citizens into monsters and enslaving them within these regions.Whether he is good or bad varies, but his love for dinner is unquestionable as shown in Poops and the games.He has been made so famous through poop that all you have to do nowadays is type "Harkinian" into You Tube to bring up poops [1].Michael and his friends immediately felt concern for the distraught girl they recognised as Eileen, so they said, almost in unison, "What's the matter, what's the matter?

If that makes you feel uncomfortable, THAT'S TOO BAD! The Angry Video Game Nerd: Here are five things that should've been improved.

Luckily, my magic pouch can carry as much as you want.

Move it up to make me come up and over makes it shoot.

Link must conquer each of the Faces of Evil before facing Ganon himself, who has his own Face of Evil.

While adventuring through Koridai, meeting numerous characters and fighting monsters, Link learns from Gwonam that Zelda has been captured by Ganon and put under a sleeping spell since he left the castle, and is imprisoned in his lair.

Then, ya use your tuning fork to get the map out of the ice.